søndag 20. februar 2011

Harley Davidson Shovelhead builds with Superchargers

On my journey looking for a way to boost up my 1983 Shovelhead i found it hard to track all the right information on one website. Since I had to find all the information my self I decided to make my own website in order to help and inspire other bike builders. This way http://www.eriksbikeworld.com/ was born. On the site you can find pictures of bikes, project with detailed build info, TechTips and a lot of other stuff. Through this journey I found a supercharger for Shovelhead called MagnaCharger

This is a "bolt on" system that after 4-5 hours can increase the engine effect substantially.
Another one is the ProCharger which more or less is a belt driven turbo.
You can read more about this and other ways to tune you Harley on http://www.eriksbikeworld.com/

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